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Based in Munich, Bavaria, I offer whatever might be helpful to find your (or your client's) ancestors, relatives, or missing heirs. Specifically, this may include:
  • research in church and civil records (birth, marriage, death entries)
  • contact to archives and administrations
  • research in state and town archives (e.g. property, tax, inheritance, emigration records)
  • search for books and other publications
  • transcription of handwritten documents
  • translation into English
  • genealogical database mining (including my own database of emigrants) and internet research
  • tour guiding

I cannot offer research wherever. Mostly, things are limited to South Germany - Bavaria, Baden, and Württemberg. If feasible, I may also be able to help beyond these regions, but in other cases I would rather refer you to some colleague or other.

Most of my clients are Americans looking for their emigrant ancestor. Some are Germans who want to dig deep. But I have also done research for TV documentaries (BBC's "Who Do You Think You Are" and its US American, Swedish, and Israeli offshoots), and sometimes I work
for professional heir searchers on both sides of the pond.

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