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heir search and urgent cases
research (field work in archives or libraries, office work for preparation and reports) EUR 55,00 / hour
EUR 55,00 / hour
travel costs
EUR 0,37 / km
EUR 0,37 / km
photocopies (office)
EUR 0,30 / page
EUR 0,30 / page
lodging costs, photocopies (archives), archive fees, postage etc. will be billed at actual cost
will be billed at actual cost

One full day in the archives, including reporting, usually sums up to something around 600-900 EUR, depending on where that archive is and some other factors. It is always possible, and sometimes advisable, to agree upon less than a day, even though this may mean that you will have to wait until I have enough to do for one full day in that specific archive.

I prefer to receive a retainer of EUR 100 or USD 100 before the work starts. The retainer will be deducted from the first invoice.

For customers within the European Union, VAT has to be added to the invoice sum.
For an up-to-date conversion of EUR to USD, please visit

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