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Emigrants from Germany

As you probably know, genealogical research in Germany is almost impossible unless you know the emigrant's exact place of origin, i.e. the town or village this person came from. Information like this, therefore, is extremely valuable.

Of all the - almost 15.000 - emigrants listed in these files, I know the exact place of origin, in addition to the territory of origin which is contained in the published list. I offer to reveal this information to you for a fee of EUR 100,00 per emigrant. For this, you will get the precise place of origin, information about the source for the database entry and all other information about these persons, as far as it is stored in our files. Often, this also includes data about other relatives. The fee does not cover obtaining a paper copy of the original source or any additional research that might be necessary to follow the family further.

The database will be built up continuously whenever I find new data about emigrants.

  • In most cases, the women are shown with their maiden name, not with their marriage name.
  • Soundex does not change the name's first letter, but there may be changes in spelling involving that first letter, too. So you should make sure to check possible alternatives, too (like, B instead of P, or D instead of T).

Last update: 5 April 2022

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Special note: This includes the Johannes Flinner (Fleenor etc.) family, arriving with ship "John & Elizabeth" in November 1754.

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Sabine Schleichert, Autumn 2019