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Sabine Schleichert
Rosa-Aschenbrenner-Bogen 6
80797 München
phone +49-89-14349363
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The author is not responsible for the content of external websites this website might refer to.

Data privacy:
Strato, this website's provider, collects some technical data like the browser that you use and the number of clicks. Strato automatically provides me with statistics about this, which however do not contain any personal data about you.

When you contact me, I save your e-mail or other forms of written correspondence. According to the German rules about business correspondence, I save any paper or printouts at least five years, and I try to keep the electronic forms as long as technically possible. Especially in genealogical research, which sometimes takes years and decades, it seems advisable to keep and stay informed about the previous correspondence and state of research.
The correspondence is stored in my office, on paper and/or in computers (and possibly backup media) in my office. They are not accessible otherwise.
On request, you can obtain information about what is stored, as long as the necessary effort for doing so is not unproportional. After the statutory period, you can also request that I delete resp. destroy the correspondence.

Genealogical data:
Genealogy, by nature and definition, collects personal data about individuals. I collect these data on your behalf, either because you contracted me or because you inquired about a contract and I did some preliminary research about it. In the large majority of cases, the individuals I collect information about are long deceased and no more subject to any kind of data privacy rules.
I reserve the right to use the collected data for my further research or for possible publications I might decide to write. I also reserve the right to show anonymized reports as examples of my work at congresses etc.
You may also ask me to publish your data, for example to include them in public databases (e.g. Ancestry) to enable contact to other researchers; without being asked, I do not do so. You should be aware that in some cases, it is not possible to delete these data once they have been transmitted to these public databases.
The data are stored in a database on computers (and possibly backup media) in my office. They are not accessible otherwise.
You can at any time request information about the data stored, and receive it either as a pdf printout from my database, or as a gedcom file. You can also request that I delete from my database the information about yourself and your relatives, as far as they are still subject to data privacy rules (which end 120 years after birth at the very latest).

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