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Usually, it is very much advisable first to discuss any new projects with me, to find out whether I can handle it at all. But the general procedure, if you want me to work on a project, is this:

  • print out the order form and authorization form and fill them in
  • include the advance deposit of EUR 100 or USD 100, which will later be deducted from the invoice amount
  • include any information and/or documents you have about the individuals you are looking for
  • send the material
You can set a maximum expenditure at any amount you wish.

I accept payment by PayPal, credit card mail order (VISA or MasterCard/EuroCard), and check. In case of credit card mail order, the card number and other details have to be transmitted via snail mail, fax, or phone; e-mail transmission cannot be accepted.

Sabine Schleichert, Spring 2018