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During the year 2012, I presented some of my research in various ways and places.

In Summer, I accompanied the US American TV journalist Kane Farabaugh on his journey through some aspects of his family history. We visited several archives, trying to trace his paternal Fehrenbacher family from Kappel (Kappel-Grafenhausen, Ortenau, Baden) back as far as possible. In a second part of the journey, we went to Maxdorf (Palatinate) to meet some of his closer relatives from his grandmother's side.
This is a report on the Maxdorf part of the journey:

In September, I went to Maastricht in The Netherlands to present a lecture : "Trying to Match Y-DNA and History: A Case Study". This lecture detailed the adventures we encountered when a client of mine had his Y-DNA tested and came out with a very unexpected result. As we had been able to follow his family back until about 1100 AD in Northern Italy in the paper documentation, it was quite a challenge to try and find out how his Y-DNA profile, which rather places him in Northern Poland than in Northern Italy, might have ended up where it did. This challenge led to a tour de force through quite a bit of European prehistory.
This is the list of lectures at that congress:
This is some basic information about the story behind my lecture:

In October, Dr. Wolfgang Grams from Oldenburg and I had the honour and the pleasure to accompany twelve descendants of the Ansbach-Bayreuth soldier Jacob Rührschneck on their Rasnick/Rührschneck European Heritage Tour. Leading from Munich to the Austrian Waldviertel to Middle Franconia and back to Munich, the tour followed the wanderings of the Rührschneck family who came from Austria and fled as Protestants to Franconia in the mid-17th century. Jacob Rührschneck, one of their 18th century descendants, finally became a member of the Ansbach-Bayreuth troops who were sold by the Margrave of Ansbach-Bayreuth to serve on the British side in the American War of Independence. Jacob  remained in America, settled in Russell Co. VA, and founded a family. A few years ago, I did the research finally identifying the family this Brandenburg-Ansbach soldier came from, and followed their traces back. During the tour, I was sort of the local historian and family genealogist, presenting all the stories we knew about Jacob and his family in exactly those places where the family lived over the centuries.

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