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One of the biggest problems in genealogy, and especially in German genealogy, is finding the ancestor's specific place of origin. If you have no information at all about his family, sometimes the only way to find him will be collecting information about the family name in general - when and in which place it is documented -, and following these leads.

For this reason, we are in the process of building up a database containing information about German family names and their appearances in general. The following information is stored in our internal version of the database:

The files published here are abstracts of this database. They contain:

We offer lookups in this database for a fee of EUR 10 per family name. For this, you will get the full listings from our database, i.e. including the towns and earliest known years of appearance of the family name in those towns. For additional EUR 10 per family name, you will also get copies of the sources the information was taken from.

For an up-to-date conversion of EUR to USD, please visit

The database of course is (very) far from being complete, but it will be built up continuously. At the moment, many of the entries refers to Southwest Germany, the prominent area of 18th century emigration to America; but most of the other areas are represented, too.

Unser Familiennamen-Suchformular offers you advanced search functionality, including regular expressions and soundex matching.

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