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  What we charge and how you can place an order: the basics

Usually, it is advisable first to discuss any new projects with us, to find out whether we can handle it at all. But the general procedure, if you want us to work on a project, is this: You can set a maximum expenditure at any amount you wish.

We accept payment by International Money Orders, Eurocheques, and credit card mail order (VISA or MasterCard/EuroCard). In case of credit card mail order, the card number and other details have to be transmitted via snail mail, fax, or phone; e-mail transmission cannot be accepted.

The fee structure:

heir search and urgent cases
research (field work in archives or libraries, office work for preparation and reports) EUR 50,00 / hour EUR 55,00 / hour
travel costs (public transport) EUR 0,37 / km EUR 0,37 / km
travel costs (car, if the destination cannot be reasonably reached by public transport) EUR 0,37 / km EUR 0,37 / km
photocopies (office) EUR 0,30 / page EUR 0,30 / page
lodging costs, photocopies (archives), archive fees, postage etc. will be billed at actual cost will be billed at actual cost

For customers within the European Union, VAT has to be added to the invoice sum.

For an up-to-date conversion of EUR to USD, please visit

Information about your right to revoke the contract

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